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WCEF is the world’s leading event for circular economy thinkers, doers and leaders.


The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) is an annual event organised by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, with international partners. The forum brings together leaders from business, government, academia and civil society to discuss global issues related to the circular economy and to find solutions to the challenges facing the world. 

WCEF is one of the world’s leading events on the circular economy, and it provides a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, building networks and partnerships, and advancing the transition to a circular economy. The forum, held since 2017, has so far been hosted in Africa (Rwanda), Asia (Japan), Europe (Finland and The Netherlands) and North America (Canada).  

WCEF is Sitra’s global initiative that examines how businesses can gain a competitive advantage through a circular economy and how the circular economy contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

WCEF2024 – Turning circular visions into actions

WCEF hits Brussels in April 2024, with online participation open to everyone. 

The SQUARE convention centre in Brussels will host the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 from 15 to 16 April. In addition, Accelerator Sessions will be held by WCEF collaborators on 17–18 April in Brussels and around the globe.

WCEF2024 brings together forward-looking thinkers and game-changers in the circular economy. In addition to gathering the front runners of the scene, this year’s event will focus on the benefits of financing the circular economy and enabling change through policymaking.

WCEF2024 is brought to you by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Circle Economy Foundation and International Resource Panel to transform circular economy knowledge into tangible actions. 

WCEF2024 will mark the eighth iteration of the forum and occurs at a pivotal moment for economies, societies and our planet. To enable participation from around the world, the forum will be live-streamed online, open to all and free of charge. Attendance in person is by invitation only. 

In addition to featuring the most impactful circular solutions from around the world, WCEF2024 also includes sessions that comprise the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference 2024 (ECESC) as well as a full day programme curated by the Belgian EU presidency team including site visits to circular economy companies in Belgium. 

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