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The expo area at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 will bring into the spotlight circular economy solutions from around the world. The application period has closed and the expo stand hosts will be published in March. Thank you to all who submitted an application!


4evergreen is a cross-industry alliance of more than 110 members representing the entire lifecycle of fibre-based packaging – from pulp, paper and board manufacturers and recyclers to packaging producers and converters, including brand owners, retailers and waste management companies. It also comprises non-fibre material suppliers, technology providers, leading research institutes and start-ups. They share expertise to develop tools and guidelines for an even more sustainable sector. Their goal is to reach a 90% recycling rate for fibre-based packaging by 2030. Our members employ more than 4.5 million people all over the world and are committed to addressing the most pressing global challenges.

The African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA)

The African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) is a government-led coalition of African countries, with a mission to spur Africa’s transformation to a circular economy that delivers economic growth, jobs and positive environmental outcomes. Also come meet the African Development Bank (AfDB), who hosts the ACEA secretariat, and the Africa Circular Economy Facility (ACEF), a multi-donor trust fund set up by the AfDB. ACEF is currently the only trust dedicated to mainstreaming the circular economy in Africa. Join our stand to learn more and collaborate!

Basque Circular HUB

Basque Circular HUB is a public-private collaboration initiative in education and training for the circular economy launched by Ihobe, the Basque Environment Agency. All universities and vocational training centers in Basque Country participate, together with the city councils of Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz, where the two physical headquarters of the initiative are located. We work together to integrate the circular economy in the intermediate and higher education system in the Basque Country, accelerating the process of generating new, skilled professionals. The model is replicable in other regions around the world. We want to share and contrast this method of education collaboration with other models, serve as inspiration for other regions and establish connections with similar initiatives to engage in exchanges and mutual learning.


Belgium is a European leader in integrating the circular economy across society and holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union from January to June 2024. From large corporations to start-up initiatives, we are advancing beyond mere experimentation. Discover inspiring examples of circular practices spanning the entire value chain. Connect and meet Belgian entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers at our expo stand. Want to learn more? Come to our accelerator day on April 17th!

Centro Empresarial de Chihuahua

Chihuahua Green is a public-private office for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, anchored to COPARMEX Chihuahua and supported by the State Government of Chihuahua, México. It drives the business transition towards the circular economy and industrial symbiosis through the efficient use of resources. The office provides essential services and tools for companies and facilitators. These include a platform that offers a CO2 emissions calculator and a photovoltaic one; industrial synergies detection systems; and a project management platform to identify opportunities for industrial symbiosis projects. Additionally, it provides a certificate for eco-companies and eco-products, as well as tailored financial credits for companies. 

Circle Economy Foundation

Circle Economy is a global impact organisation with an international team of passionate experts based in Amsterdam. We empower industries, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action. Our vision is an economic system that ensures the planet and all people can thrive. To avoid climate breakdown, our goal is to double global circularity by 2032.

European Commission’s Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI)

Do you want to discover innovative solutions, inspiring initiatives and collaborative efforts leading the circular economy? Step into the circular economy world at the joint CCRI and European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) booth in the expo area. Join the conversation to discover the transformative power of bottom-up approaches towards circularity. Meet the CCRI office and projects, and hear how we support local and regional authorities achieve their circular ambitions! 

Circular Economy Coalition

The Circular Economy Coalition is an international multi-stakeholder network of value-aligned individuals and organisations with members in more than 30 countries, collectively advancing the circular economy through equitable access to shared tools and resources supporting cross-pollination of data and research for systems awareness. Meet members from the Global North and South, learn about our projects and our theory of change. We support a shared vision of #Circularity4All where living, biological, technical and financial resources are maintained and kept in use at their highest societal value at all times. See our WCEF schedule and visit us to learn how you can join!


CircularInvest bridges the gap between circular economy projects and investors in Europe by offering free, tailor-made project development assistance (PDA) services like business plan development, fundraising support and mentoring sessions. We assist projects in reaching maturity, becoming investment-ready and securing financial backing. Our Circular Investment Readiness Network fosters collaboration among circular economy stakeholders, providing a platform to address and overcome development and funding challenges. By joining, you will exchange knowledge, develop know-how for financeable circular projects and build partnerships in a collaborative space. Visit our stand to explore how we can support your circular ideas!

ContainerGrid GmbH

ContainerGrid is addressing the inefficiency in recycled materials’ logistics by pioneering cost-effective and efficient reverse logistics for circular supply chains. Our platform facilitates the scalable take-back of end-of-life resources in the metals and chemicals processing industries, enhancing closed-loop systems and reducing the carbon footprint.

Corplex France Kaysersberg

Corplex doesn’t just manufacture transport packaging, it’s shaping a reuse revolution. We create reusable transport packaging that not only protects products but also protects our planet. We are redefining logistics by using cutting-edge materials to create customised solutions that optimise supply chains and eliminate waste. Join us in this journey to a greener future, where business objectives are seamlessly aligned with best practices in sustainability. It’s not just about choosing packaging; it’s about choosing progress. With Corplex reusable transport packaging solutions, sustainability meets innovation in every box.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

As a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development, GIZ supports the transition to a circular economy worldwide. In more than 30 projects across 20 countries, GIZ cooperates with governments, research institutes, civil society and the private sector, and focuses on scaling innovative circular solutions both in production and consumption. Our priority areas are climate-sensitive approaches, private sector involvement, environmental protection and marine litter prevention. GIZ works on behalf of the German government, the EU and international companies.

EU Ecolabel

Shopping today can be a challenge. To stand out, many brands now promote themselves as green or stress their environmental credentials, and it’s hard to know which claims to trust. Since 1992, the EU Ecolabel has made this easier by marking products that are truly sustainable. It supports better production and helps consumers choose without giving up quality. Consumers, businesses and decision makers are welcome to visit our stand to learn more about how the EU Ecolabel guides sustainable choices and supports Europe’s transition to a circular economy. 

European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP)

Do you want to discover innovative solutions, inspiring initiatives and collaborative efforts leading the circular economy? Step into the circular economy world at the joint ECESP and Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) booth in the expo area, where you can discover the transformative power of bottom-up approaches towards circularity. Meet the ECESP’s Secretariat, EESC members and Coordination Group members, and delve into discussions about how stakeholders are leading the circular transition. 

European Commission

Building a circular economy for Europe is a priority for the European Commission. The Circular Economy Action Plan, launched in 2020, includes  a significant international dimension. Across the globe DG INTPA, DG NEAR and DG Environment support numerous projects accelerating the circular transition… For example, the Global Alliance on Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency (GACERE), an alliance of governments initiated by the EU providing global impetus for policy initiatives on circular economy; the successful regional and global programmes: SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chain, SWITCH-Asia, SWITCH Africa Green and SWITCHMed; programmes such as EU4Environment and EU4Green support circular development in the neighbourhood. 

European Investment Bank (EIB)

The EIB is the long-term lending institution of the European Union owned by its member states. It makes long-term finance and advisory support available for sound investment to contribute towards EU policy goals. In the last five years (2019-2023), the EIB provided EUR 3.8 billion to co-finance 132 circular economy projects in a variety of sectors and stands ready to do more to help meet the lending needs of the circular economy transition.

The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)

European Commission’s Executive Agency representatives present the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), the REA and the EIC, as well as their thematic funding opportunities aiming to build a greener, more sustainable and decarbonised Europe. The executive agencies have been mandated by the European Commission to have a key role in supporting the European Green Deal and other European Commission strategic priorities by contributing to the implementation of EU funding programmes. The agencies foster effective knowledge sharing in several thematic areas, including in research, innovation and in the circular economy whilst creating synergies between programmes.

The European Innovation Council (EIC)

European Commission’s Executive Agency representatives present the European Innovation Council (EIC), the CINEA and the REA, as well as their thematic funding opportunities aiming to build a greener, more sustainable and decarbonised Europe. The executive agencies have been mandated by the European Commission to have a key role in supporting the European Green Deal and other European Commission strategic priorities by contributing to the implementation of EU funding programmes. The agencies foster effective knowledge sharing in several thematic areas, including in research, innovation and in the circular economy whilst creating synergies between programmes.

The European Research Executive Agency (REA)

European Commission’s Executive Agency representatives present the European Research Executive Agency (REA), the CINEA and the EIC, as well as their thematic funding opportunities aiming to build a greener, more sustainable and decarbonised Europe. The executive agencies have been mandated by the European Commission to have a key role in supporting the European Green Deal and other European Commission strategic priorities by contributing to the implementation of EU funding programmes. The agencies foster effective knowledge sharing in several thematic areas, including in research, innovation and in the circular economy whilst creating synergies between programmes.

FinnCERES Flagship

FinnCERES is a materials bioeconomy competence centre, a joint effort of Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. FinnCERES focuses on high-quality research to create new circular bio-based materials and supports their transformation into commercial innovations. At the WCEF Expo we will highlight recent intriguing scientific and technological breakthroughs, such as biofoams and folded structures for protective packaging, sustainable coatings and glues from lignin, water-resistant and compostable cellulose films for food packaging, and biodegradable electronics. Visit our stand for a sneak peek into the future of bio-based innovations!


By adopting circular economy practices, Finland aims to create a carbon neutral economy which operates within the boundaries of nature. Our national strategy for a circular economy sets ambitious targets for the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, the productivity of resources and the circular material use rate. Finnish regions, municipalities, development companies, RDI stakeholders and numerous circular companies are key in achieving the targets. Together we will showcase the “world’s greatest local circular solutions”. By working alone, no country can tackle the climate and environmental problems we face today. We are looking for cooperation with all interested parties.


Fixcomm is a pioneer in circular economy solutions for electronic devices in Brazil, promoting sustainability and innovation in the IT sector. With over a decade of experience, we specialise in repurchase, refurbishment and recycling of electronic equipment, extending its lifecycle and reducing environmental impact. At WCEF2024, we will showcase our integrated platform that facilitates sustainable management of technological assets for companies, ensuring not only the reduction of e-waste but also the recovery of value from obsolete devices, perfectly aligning with ESG goals and corporate sustainability objectives.

Global Circular Economy Chair

The Global Circular Economy Chair at ESSEC, supported by L’Oréal, EssilorLuxottica and Bouygues, aims to educate future Chief Circular Officers to lead circular transformation strategies globally. It focuses on producing research, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and e-books to advance from a linear to a circular economy, emphasising practical applications through projects with strategic partners. This prepares students to tackle environmental and societal challenges, highlighting the initiative’s commitment to circular economy principles and its role in educational transformation and inspiration.

Goodless Smart Group

Reusable revolution by Goodless. Goodless smart cups offer a simple and fast solution, mirroring the ease of disposable cups while being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Facing mandatory reusable cups from 2020, ditch the tedious alternatives and embrace the Goodless solution. We simplify the process, benefiting both the environment and your bottom line, while leveling up your brand.

Hailia Nordic Oy

Hailia upcycles underutilised resources in the fish industry through novel patent-pending technology. Our solution transforms low-value fish industry side streams, such as salmonoid by-products and underutilised pelagic fish, into tasty, nutritious, easy-to-use and high-value food products. By partnering with Hailia, fish processors can valorise what they have on their hands by using them in food production rather than in low value uses. Our solution reduces the need to fish or farm more when meeting the increasing seafood demand in the future. Hailia is an enabler in the blue food revolution by unlocking the potential of overlooked fish resources. We turn the side streams into mainstream!

HP Belgium BV

HP is a multinational IT company with a vision to become a fully circular company. We have set a goal for this vision: 75% circularity for products and packaging by 2030. We will be showcasing our innovative solutions to extend product life, including refurbishment business models, self-repair services, circular materials projects such as closed-loop recycled plastics, recycled metal content and use of ocean-bound plastics, and take-back and recycling activities. Our team looks forward to discussing our challenges and partnership opportunities to help us achieve our vision.

Huayou Recycling Technology Co., Ltd

Huayou Recycling is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayou Cobalt. As one of the first compliant enterprises for comprehensive utilisation of used power batteries in China, we are committed to building an integrated battery management system for the global lithium battery recycling industry. We focus on battery asset management, directional closed-loop recycling, battery second use and recycling, and other fields. Based on the successful case of low carbon management of the whole life cycle of power batteries in the Chinese market, Huayou Recycling aims to pioneer new market formats and to establish strategic partnerships in the global lithium battery industry.

Irish Manufacturing Reseach – CIRCULÉIRE

CIRCULÉIRE, Ireland’s first circular innovation network, launched in 2020 by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) in partnership with the Irish Government, EPA and EIT Climate-KIC. We help businesses transition to circular models. Through action plans and assessments, CIRCULÉIRE aims to reduce CO2 emissions and waste by promoting the circular economy in Ireland.


İTHİB, established in 1939, represents over 8,000 members in Turkey’s textile industry. İTHİB plays a vital role in coordinating and promoting textile exports, covering a diverse range of products including yarn, fabric, home textiles and garments. Its members contribute significantly to Turkey’s textile exports. The Turkish textile sector is making bold strides towards a circular economy. From raw materials to production, the industry is embracing circularity, implementing projects in recycling, using sustainable materials and designing for durability. Led by İTHİB, initiatives are raising awareness, driving the industry towards sustainability through the core principles of a circular economy.


JC-Electronics is the global leader in refurbished industrial electronics. If sustainability is becoming increasingly important in your organisation, our refurbished industrial electronics are a no-brainer. With almost 300 dedicated employees, our circular approach is worth its weight in gold and – independently proven to be – reliable. We give products a second life. Our entire process of purchasing, refurbishment, sales and 2-year warranty meets the strict requirements of the RecQ certificate, the international hallmark for quality and circularity of refurbished electronics. And that makes us proud! We are looking forward to tell you all about it!

KPMG International Services Limited

KPMG, a global network of independent professional services firms, offers audit, tax and advisory services. Operating in 143 countries, KPMG employs over 270,000 people, serving businesses, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and the capital markets through its audit and assurance practices. The circular economy is a key part of KPMG’s Global ESG Solutions, leveraging global reach to advise on new circular strategies and business models. Our teams support businesses in reimagining products, supply chains and services, integrating circularity through: circular strategy, measurement and steering, and execution and delivery.


At Lenovo, we are committed to advancing the principles of the circular economy, addressing the global concern of e-waste. As a leading IT brand, we invest in the development of products and solutions that prioritise sustainability. Our focus includes design for longevity, simplifying repair and return processes, and maximising the use of recycled and recyclable materials. Join us to witness our latest circular innovations in products, packaging and accessories that integrate recycled carbon fibre from airplane wings with plastic-free packaging or use rPET.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands strives to a fully circular economy by 2050. Achieving this goal takes commitment and collaboration. We must step up our efforts by creating circular systems and future-proof innovations to accelerate the shift, and to make our impact broader and more inclusive through a “quadruple helix” approach. We need to move faster towards a more robust and cross-functional economy, being less dependent on natural resources by developing smart and responsible processes that prevent pollution and further spillage. Most importantly, through collaboration with like-minded, pioneering partners present at the WCEF.

Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation is developing and financing a diverse range of Nordic projects to enable the transition to the circular economy. The Nordic is a leading region within sustainability and aims to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The circular economy is an important part of the tools to achieve this. The strength in Nordic solutions comes from our tight collaboration and combining the potential of all five Nordic countries to reach global goals. Come visit the Nordic stand to learn more about Nordic Innovation, Norforsk and Nordic Circular Hotspot, as well as Nordic circular solutions and learnings from and opportunities in regional collaboration.

Recyclium AG

Recyclium is a pioneering software solution designed to revolutionise recycling and sustainability efforts for corporate brand owners. Our technology enables the tracking and tracing of products throughout their entire lifecycle, empowering brands to reclaim and recycle products at the end of their usefulness. By assigning a unique QR code to single items or product groups at the production stage, Recyclium facilitates consumer participation in recycling through financial incentives for delivering items to designated collection points. We manage all product data and reward payments, providing corporations with crucial aggregated data to support ESG reporting and sustainability goals.

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund

Sitra is an active fund for the future. We aim to create a fair and sustainable future and work with partners to ensure that Finland can lead the way in the transition to a fair and competitive carbon-neutral circular economy – a new society in which our everyday lives and well-being are no longer based on excessive consumption and fossil fuel use. Sitra was founded in 1967 and is an independent public fund operating directly under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament. The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) is a global initiative of Finland and Sitra.

Skellet Benelux NV

Skellet is a reusable, lightweight steel frame system. We use the design independence of Skellet and a buy-back guarantee to foster a viable second-hand market for construction steel. Design independence implies that Skellet can be repurposed beyond its original design without additional processing. Skellet addresses the primary obstacle preventing the construction industry from using second-hand steel on a large scale, namely, material sourcing. Our solution can be implemented across various sectors, from residential to infrastructure. We will present the steel frame system, buy-back guarantee, current cases and a solution for affordable housing.


TOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today, TOMRA is leading the resource revolution by transforming how society and industries obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste. TOMRA turns complex challenges into valuable solutions and enables companies to transform into more profitable, sustainable businesses. The company’s collection and sorting technology supports the transition to a circular economy, optimises resource recovery and minimises waste in the food, recycling and mining industries. TOMRA has approximately 105,000 installations in over 100 markets worldwide and had total revenues of about NOK 12 billion in 2022. The Group employs 5,000 globally and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company headquarters are in Asker, Norway.

Trashy Bags Africa

Trashy Bags is a social enterprise that converts plastic waste into a saleable product, upcycling it into daily eco-friendly useable items and in so doing creates local enterprise, employment and empowerment. In Ghana, plastic waste finds a new lease of life in a wide range of products from school bags to picnic blankets. Our collecting team gathers just under 250,000 pieces of plastic waste and 2,000 yards of waste fabric every month from the streets and beaches of Accra. On arrival, they are upcycled by our team using solar-powered sewing machines into durable and iconic products.

UNDP Serbia

Since 2022, the UNDP Serbia has supported 65 innovative circular economy solutions across sectors via pilot testing or incentives for the cooperation of R&D organisations with businesses. Total UNDP support amounts to more than USD 2.8 million. Supported solutions will be featured at WCEF2024 through promotional materials, videos and product prototypes: pencils from old newspapers, biodegradable cups from the remains of fruits and vegetables – soluble in hot water within a minute, soaps made from dry pepper waste, styrofoam biodegraded by mealworm larvae, granules made of old copper cables, tiles from waste glass, construction material from waste textile membranes and more.


In line with its mandate to promote and accelerate sustainable industrial development, UNIDO actively promotes the concept of circular economy. At the WCEF2024 expo, UNIDO is proud to present several flagship projects that focus on enabling circular economy solutions in a holistic and just manner around the globe. Visitors will be able to learn about the innovative solutions and approaches through a multimedia compilation of success stories, case studies and lessons learned. UNIDO’s presence at the expo underscores its commitment to promoting sustainable industrial development and its role as a frontrunner in the circular economy movement.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

The WBCSD is a global community of over 225 of the world’s leading businesses driving systems transformation for a better world in which 9+ billion people can live well, within planetary boundaries, by mid-century. Together, we transform the systems we work in to limit the impact of the climate crisis, restore nature and tackle inequality. We accelerate value chain transformation across key sectors and reshape the financial system to reward sustainable leadership and action through a lower cost of capital. Through the exchange of best practices, improving performance, accessing education, forming partnerships and shaping the policy agenda, we drive progress in businesses and sharpen the accountability of their performance.