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WCEF Studios give an easy access to participants who are not able to join the forum in person or who find the full 2+2 days’ programme a bit too heavy. In addition, they also offer a chance to discuss locally relevant circular economy topics.

Tuesday 16 April

WCEF2024 Studio Helsinki: Love story of our clothes

Dome Upcycling hosts this creative mending workshop, where participants share tales about their beloved garments and receive assistance from local experts to repair and rejuvenate them. The event aims to inspire sustainable practices and foster a sense of community among attendees. Led by upcycling designer Isabella Haas, Dome Upcycling promotes circular fashion and well-being for both people and the planet.

This studio will broadcast the session “Behavioural insights empowering sustainable consumption” of the main WCEF2024 programme.

Organiser: EDEL City Oy / Dome Upcycling
Time: 16:00 – 19:00 UTC+2

Tuesday 16 April 

WCEF2024 Studio Canada: Road maps toward a circular economy in Québec 

To implement a circular economy, governments, regional stakeholders and civil society must work together to draw up road maps at their various levels. A panel will bring together the bearers of different road maps in Québec (Canada) who will present their respective approaches, share their perspective on the transition at their scale and exchange ideas to ensure that the paths converge. The panellists will discuss best practices in transition mechanisms and tips that could be used by their counterparts in Canada and in other jurisdictions.  

This studio will broadcast the session “Rethinking our futures” of the main WCEF2024 programme. 

Organiser: Québec Circular Economy Research Network (RRECQ) 
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 UTC+2 

Wednesday 17 April 

WCEF2024 Studio: Circular makerspaces to build circular businesses 

You are welcome to join us for an immersive exploration into the dynamic fusion of makerspaces and circular economy principles. Discover what are circular makerspaces, the importance of innovation and businesses built on circular economy principles. We will explore innovative tools, an education programme and initiatives driving sustainable innovation forward in these makerspaces. Let’s collaborate and co-create a circular future together! 

This studio will broadcast the session “The people driving change today” of the main WCEF2024 programme. 

Organisers: Valmiera Municipality Government and Interreg Baltic Sea Region project’s ”Circular Economy makerspace” consortium 
Time: 13:00 – 16:00 UTC+2 

Thursday 18 April 

WCEF2024 Studio: Zero waste and circular airports 

How can airports apply circular economy principles in practice? This studio will provide tools and present a methodology on how to systematically analyse resource streams, treatment and environmental impact, taking into consideration relevant stakeholders. The methodology is tested and validated by the airports Schiphol Amsterdam, Avinor Oslo and Hermes Larnaca. Gain access to practical tools and invaluable insights that empower airports to seamlessly integrate these principles into their operations. Explore how to develop a robust monitoring framework and implement tangible actions, ensuring a sustainable future for the aviation industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of change in airport sustainability practices. Join us and be part of the transformation! 

This studio will broadcast the session “The people driving change today” of the main WCEF2024 programme. 

Organiser: TULIPS 
Time: 13:00 – 15:00 UTC+2 

Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April 

WCEF2024 Studio Vietnam 

Get ready for a groundbreaking event as the Green Transformation & Sustainability Network brings WCEF2024 to Vietnam! Experience the global circular economy scene firsthand, right here in the vibrant nation of Vietnam. Join us for engaging dialogue, forge valuable partnerships and be at the forefront of driving the green transition, the circular economy and sustainable development in Vietnam. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to shape our collective future towards a more prosperous and sustainable tomorrow. Let’s come together to catalyse change and build a greener, more resilient Vietnam for generations to come. 

This studio will broadcast the full WCEF2024 main programme. 

Organiser: Green Transformation & Sustainability Network 
Time: see organiser’s event page 

Monday 22 April

WCEF2024 Studio Belgrade: Circularity in construction and new circular economy challenge calls

UNDP Serbia will organise an event which will provide reflections from the WCEF2024, from hosting an expo stand and organising an accelerator session. This event will also provide guidance and inspiration for the circularity of the construction sector, via presentation of the guidelines for managing construction and demolition waste, as well as innovative circular solutions in the construction sector supported through the projects “Circular Communities in Serbia” and “Green Agenda in Serbia”. Finally, UNDP and the Serbian ministry of environmental protection will announce new cycles of public challenge calls for circular vouchers and support through performance-based payment agreements in the field of a circular economy.

This studio will broadcast the session “Built environment perspectives: Global to Oceania” of the main WCEF2024 programme. The event will be held in Serbian.

Organiser: UNDP Serbia
Time: 10:00 – 15:00 UTC+2

Friday 26 April

WCEF2024 Studio Belgrade: Circularity in Urban Planning

UNDP Serbia will organise an additional event for discussing perspectives of urban planning and local circular economy road maps. This studio will broadcast the sessions “Urban planning catalyses the implementation of circularity” and “Effective and inclusive circular transition governance in cities and regions” of the main WCEF2024 programme. The event will be held in Serbian.

Organiser: UNDP Serbia
Time: 11:00 – 15:00 UTC+2


If you are interested in hearing more about WCEF Studios, please contact Sitra at in new window).