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Get to know the potential of the circular economy

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90% of biodiversity loss is caused by resource extraction and processing, and 50% of emissions are caused by making products. Resource use is directly linked with the triple planetary crises, hence solving it without re-evaluating how we use resources is not possible. The transition towards a circular economy will also provide sustainable investment opportunities.

1/4 of countries in the world are in the process of designing and implementing national circular economy road maps.

​Chatham House (2023)

1/3 of global CEOs rank circular business models as a priority in their company.

Bain and Company and WEF (2022)

x10 increase in the number of private market funds from 2016 to H1 2020.

​Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2020)​

The business potential

Many circular businesses are successful by traditional standards. However, if environmental and social aspects are integrated into investors’ risk considerations, circular business models are often less risky than linear ones. Yet despite their financial attractiveness, even the most interesting circular economy solutions may sometimes not get the attention of investors due to the lack of industry knowledge and shared metrics for assessing these solutions.

The World Circular Economy Forum 2024

The world’s leading event for circular economy thinkers, doers and leaders hits Brussels from 15 to 18 April 2024, showcasing the most impactful circular solutions from around the world. The forum will be live streamed for free, making it the perfect opportunity to learn more about the circular economy.

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Sessions for finance

Here is a short list of sessions we think might especially interest finance professionals. For the full list of the forum’s sessions, see the programme.