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Empowering the circular economy: integrating AI, digital transformation, and skills development

This session focuses on the vital importance of integrating artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and skills development to foster the circular economy. We will explore how AI can accelerate sustainability and resource management, the role of digital innovations in sustainable business practices, and the need for skills development to sustain eco-friendly economic growth. Our aim is to provide comprehensive insights into how technology and education are pivotal in shaping a sustainable economic future. Participants will discuss the latest trends in AI and digitalization that are powering the circular economy, from smart waste management systems to circular supply chains and beyond. The session will also address the challenges and opportunities in upskilling the workforce for a future where circular economy principles are integrated across industries.

Organisers: Lenovo and Microsoft, supported by the Circular STEP Stakeholder Engagement Platform 

For more information, please contact Gianluca Diana ( or Antoine Kubiak (  

Please note that all accelerator sessions require separate registration.

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