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Discovering future-shaping signals

To thrive in complex times, circular economy experts, businesses and communicators need new approaches to their work. Broadening one’s thinking as well as identifying trends and first symptoms of change can help us face uncertainties the future is hurtling our way.

After this workshop, participants will be able to use foresight tools to analyse the impacts of megatrends on their work and identify weak signals that are shaping the future of circularity already today. The results of the workshop also feed into the programme planning of WCEF2025.

Organiser: Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund

Target audience (max. 50 participants*): global audience representing circular experts, public and private sector communicators

*Please note that workshops are not livestreamed, and they are only available for those in-person participants who have registered to take part in them.


Welcome and practicalities

Emma Sairanen

Emma Sairanen

Project Coordinator
Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund

Emma is a chemical engineer, working for the global collaboration team at Sitra. Her work focuses on advancing a global transition to a circular economy through the World Circular Economy Forum and finding circular solutions that simultaneously tackle biodiversity loss and climate change. For Emma, thriving nature is the basis for all well-being and the circular economy is a means to transition towards a society in which nature is not depleted but has space to thrive.

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What is foresight and why should every change maker indulge in it?

Mikko Dufva

Mikko Dufva

Foresight Lead
Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund

Mikko Dufva leads the foresight team at Sitra and is also a docent of futures studies at Aalto University. In his work he studies trends, weak signals, visions and assumptions about different potential futures. He seeks to make foresight and futures approachable and inspiring. Mikko has extensive experience in foresight and a doctorate in science (technology) on the creation of futures knowledge and systemic foresight.

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Group discussion

Group work: Sense breaking 

Wrap up: Sharing highlights from groups 


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